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Celebrate National Technology Day with Compunetix

What would daily life be like without technology? Today, on National Technology Day, we recognize how technology can positively impact our world and our future. Each year, from airplanes to smartphones, the day honors technological achievements that have changed our society for the better.

Dr. Coraluppi, Founder and President of Compunetix, created the modern-day conference call and fostered over 50 years of innovation in the electronic manufacturing and communication industries. In 2020, Dr. Coraluppi and Compunetix were inducted into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame for the company’s role in designing, developing, and commercializing sophisticated and scalable collaborative voice communication platforms for NASA space missions.

More recently, Compunetix Video Call Center (VCC) has been connecting patients with healthcare providers from the comfort and safety of their own homes. To further our commitment to telehealth, we offer a no obligation Video Call Center assistance program to healthcare organizations in need of telehealth technology. In addition to VCC, Compunetix has numerous voice, video, and collaboration tools that enable organizations across all industries to work remotely.

Today we celebrate the technology that has made our processes faster, easier, better connected, and more automated. Contact us for more information about our products and services.

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