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Connected Community Care

Increasing Access to Better Health Through Technology

Connected care is quality health care that is personalized, accessible through technology, and centered around the patient’s needs. Although connected care is not a new concept, the way we connect continually evolves.

An important part of connected care is offering rural, underserved, and vulnerable populations quality care closer to home through telehealth options. Technology can reduce or eliminate obstacles, such as what can be, for some patients, hours of drive time.

“Access to providers, even family physicians, is a problem. If you want to go to an OB/GYN, depending on where you live in the country, you may have to go 200 miles.” – Gary Hart, PhD, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Greater distances also result in longer wait times for rural emergency medical services (EMS), which can endanger patients requiring emergency treatment.

“If you’re bleeding, in that extra 15 minutes (before help arrives), you can die.” – Gary Hart, PhD

Clinical services offered by audio and video technology may include primary care, mental health, clinical pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition services, social work, and more. Statistics show that 47% of health concerns are resolved immediately during telehealth appointments, and patients that need further support are referred to the appropriate care team. Telehealth can also increase patient engagement. The more engaged a patient is, the less likely they are to need urgent care. Simply stated, offering people personalized health care can keep them out of the hospital, lessening the demand on traditional medical resources.

Compunetix Video Call Center (VCC) is an advanced telehealth workflow solution that seamlessly connects patients with healthcare professionals by appointment or on-demand, creating a new standard for secure patient engagement. With VCC, healthcare providers can embed and integrate video communications within their own website or healthcare portal to offer video appointments, patient triage, patient waiting rooms, and video call scheduling. Effortlessly expand access to healthcare when and where patients need it the most.

VCC is already connecting rural communities to personalized health care. Read our latest case study.

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