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Greater Access to Behavioral Health Appointments with Video Call Center

Recently there has been an initiative to integrate medical and behavioral healthcare services in order to promote the equitable treatment of patients’ physical and mental healthcare needs. The pandemic brought mental healthcare to the forefront as more and more Americans struggled with mental and behavioral issues.

Behavioral health specialists were quick to implement telehealth due to the feasibility of using virtual care for conditions that do not require physical examinations as well as the increased need for behavioral healthcare services. Now millions of Americans are utilizing telehealth benefits to access mental health professionals and wellness coaches. Experts believe that these trends will continue beyond the pandemic because of the convenience and instant connection that they offer.

If you’re looking to expand access to behavioral and mental healthcare appointments, Video Call Center (VCC) for Healthcare is a browser-based, real-time voice and video workflow solution that seamlessly connects patients and healthcare professionals, creating a new standard for secure patient engagement. With VCC, healthcare providers can embed and integrate HIPAA compliant video communications within their own website or healthcare portal to offer video appointments, patient triage, patient waiting rooms, and video call scheduling. Effortlessly expand access to healthcare when and where patients need it the most.

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