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Enabling Virtual Hospitals

Compunetix Video Call Center creates an instant access care hub for telemedicine

Compunetix Video Call Center is an advanced telehealth workflow solution that seamlessly connects patients and healthcare professionals, creating a new standard for secure patient engagement. With VCC, healthcare providers can embed and integrate video communications within their own website or healthcare portal to offer video appointments, patient triage, patient waiting rooms, and video call scheduling. Effortlessly expand access to healthcare when and where patients need it the most.

VCC’s easy-to-use video interface streamlines communication and simplifies the experience for all users. Patients, physicians, operators, and more can easily access VCC from any smart device (pc, phone, tablet, and/or self-service kiosk), without the need to download an app or purchase additional hardware.

Video Call Center™ for Healthcare

Compunetix Video Call Center Solution Includes:

  • One-click WebRTC video access, embedded into the provider website or healthcare portal
  • Optional and customizable form for patient data collection before connecting with the provider
  • Customizable web interface for the healthcare provider for easy routing and escalation to remote specialists
  • Self-service kiosk interface access for real-time telehealth visits


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