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Pandemic Drives Consumers to Try Video Banking

The pandemic forced numerous industries, including banking and financial services, to reconsider and modify their business processes. While their products and services remained the same, their service channels evolved to accommodate clients during times of social distancing and widespread restrictions. As financial institutions look to the future of banking, they will continue to offer multiple service channels using video, mobile apps, web, self-service kiosks, and in-branch. Recent innovations have elevated the consumer experience by offering immediate, convenient, and secure service.

Compunetix Video Call Center (VCC) for Banking enables customers to connect with a representative wherever they are, whenever they want, using their PC or smart devices. No downloads required. Self-service kiosks and ATMs with VCC offer personalized service and live assistance when needed. Financial professionals can maintain meaningful connections with their clientele with live video communications while also increasing efficiently and productivity.

Video Call Center Features:

  • Real Time Video Call Transfer: Agent call transfer to representatives or supervisors
  • Multi-party Call: Escalate the call to multi-party in order to bring in a specialist
  • Entrance Form: Customizable web entrance form for customer check-in
  • Video on Hold: Play a customizable video while the customer is waiting to connect
  • Multi-tenant: Support groups and sub-groups for the right allocation of your call center staff
  • Collaboration Functionalities: Application & desktop sharing, file transfer, customer/agent chat
  • Geo-localization: Provide customer location details
  • Scheduling: Easily arrange the video call when your agents are available
  • Call Monitoring: Allows the supervisor to privately monitor interactions for quality control
  • Deployment Options: Available as a cloud service or on-premises
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