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Privacy, Information Security, and Telehealth

How Secure is Your Platform?

The pandemic drove many healthcare providers to use consumer video conferencing tools to offer telehealth services to maintain social distancing and to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Experts say telehealth advanced 10 years in the first two months of the pandemic. The rapid shift toward adoption created new issues, risks, and threats regarding information security and privacy. Over the past year, U.S. governmental agencies issued warnings about the increased risk of cyberattacks specifically aimed at the healthcare industry.

Now that the strain on traditional medical resources has somewhat lessened, providers are seeking healthcare specific video conferencing solutions, such as Compunetix Video Call Center. VCC is a secure telehealth workflow solution that seamlessly connects patients and healthcare professionals, by appointment or on-demand, creating a new standard for reliable patient engagement. With VCC, healthcare providers can embed and integrate video communications within their own website or healthcare portal to offer video appointments, patient triage, patient waiting rooms, and video call scheduling. Data security, patient confidentiality with HIPAA compliance, and encrypted media and data connectivity enable providers to effortlessly expand access when and where patients need it the most.

“Healthcare organizations need to partner with telemedicine and cybersecurity vendors to understand how to best implement and use their infrastructure and products.” – Journal of American Medical Informatics Association

Choosing a technology company to partner with for telehealth solutions can be daunting. For the past 50 years, Compunetix has been the global leader in conferencing and collaboration solutions, including VoIP HD and encrypted video, all powered by superior technical design and managed with unsurpassed customer service. Dedicated to customer-focused and innovative technology, Compunetix engineers and manufactures all aspects of its conferencing equipment in-house. Our solutions are designed and manufactured at a military-grade security level based on the needs of the U.S. Federal Government. Additionally, VCC has been diligently assessed by an external cybersecurity firm for product vulnerabilities that could lead to a data security breach; they verified that VCC is free of vulnerabilities. For organizations concerned with public cloud security, VCC can be deployed on-premise or on a private cloud. We provide this level of security and testing across the board to all our customers to guarantee high-quality, reliable, and secure solutions.


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