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Remote Patient Monitoring with On-Demand Video Conferencing

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is an innovative and convenient way to monitor a patient’s medical and health data using advanced technology. It monitors individuals in one location and securely transmits that information to medical professionals in a different location for assessment and recommendations.

Healthcare organizations want to go one step further and add on-demand video conferencing capability to their remote patient monitoring program. Combining RPM with virtual medical appointments allows medical professionals to securely and conveniently manage their patient’s health conditions in real time. For example, women with pregnancy-associated hypertension are typically told by their physicians to follow up one week after being discharged from the hospital. And then again in four to six weeks; however, compliance with these instructions is far from ideal. Nationally, only 30 to 40 percent of women go for their follow-up, which could impact their health not just while they have infants, but for life. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) developed a successful solution using remote blood pressure cuffs to remotely monitor and measure patient vitals, and then having that reading checked and recorded with a qualified medical professional at a centralized monitoring system. If needed, patients can use a virtual front door to have a face-to-face virtual appointment with their healthcare provider.

If you want to expand or improve your RPM program, Compunetix is an expert in integrating RPM technology with our Video Call Center for Healthcare. Video Call Center for Healthcare is a browser-based, real-time voice and video workflow solution for healthcare offices that need to remain available to their patients in safe and secure manner. This HIPAA compliant solution enables secure communication with no download or application installation. Patients need only click a secure link to be connected with your offices via internet voice and video.

Video Call Center features support for high definition video connections, secure and encrypted media and data connectivity, video call transfer and routing, and mobile access via smart devices such as phones and tablets.

Healthcare workflow is as personal as the critical service you provide; please click below to contact Compunetix and arrange a consultation and demonstration of our Video Call Center for Healthcare.

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