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Telehealth Awareness Week

Proudly Supporting the Advancement of Virtual Care with Video Call Center

Compunetix is a proud supporter of Telehealth Awareness Week and the advancement of virtual care. Our tailored healthcare solution is connecting healthcare providers and patients, enabling secure and compliant care across the country.

Telehealth is Health

In the wake of the unprecedented challenges our healthcare system has faced since the start of the COVID-19 public health crisis, one message has become abundantly clear: Telehealth is Health. As national lockdowns threatened to restrict access to quality care for millions of patients, telehealth played a critical role in supporting the delivery of healthcare services.

Compunetix Celebrates Telehealth Awareness Week

Compunetix is proud to be part of a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations committed to advancing virtual care during the inaugural Telehealth Awareness Week, taking place September 19-25. Telehealth has been an important element in U.S. healthcare for decades, but the COVID-19 public health crisis has put a spotlight on the need to maintain and expand access to telehealth to ensure everyone can receive appropriate care when and where they need it. Following the unprecedented use of virtual care services in response to COVID-19, telehealth now represents 15 to 20% of care delivery, confirming the need to create a two-channel healthcare system that balances in-person and virtual care.

Video Call Center Enables an Instant Access Healthcare Hub

Compunetix Video Call Center is being utilized in medical facilities and hospitals across the country to enable virtual care. Compunetix partnered with Clinch Memorial Hospital in Homerville, Georgia to help increase access to secure and compliant quality care. Clinch Memorial Hospital serves a large rural population where increased demand, access, aging, and transportation are significant concerns. Telehealth was part of Clinch’s initial plan to help increase accessibility and the COVID-19 health crisis made rapid adoption a priority.

Clinch Memorial Hospital required a telehealth partner and program that could provide:

  • Easy accessibility by smart devices, with no download required
  • Face-to-face video conferencing & ability to triage and transfer patients
  • Efficient implementation without the need to purchase equipment
  • Effortless adoption without a strenuous training and onboarding period
  • Customized and brandable portal interface
  • HIPAA compliance

Compunetix quickly, seamlessly, and cost efficiently integrated a tailored Video Call Center telehealth portal with Clinch Memorial Hospital’s family practice website. Clinch Memorial Hospital has peace of mind knowing that their community has secure, compliant access to healthcare professionals when and where they need it the most. Telehealth is transforming the future of care delivery while improving health equity in rural and underserved populations.

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Join Us in Advocating for the Advancement of Virtual Care

During Telehealth Awareness Week, Compunetix is joining a range of stakeholders, including leaders in healthcare and patient advocacy, in highlighting the growing acceptance and value of virtual care. Through our collective efforts, we have a special opportunity to deliver new informational resources to support broader access to telehealth for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. We encourage everyone help us build telehealth awareness this September and amplify our most important message: Telehealth is Health!

To learn more about activities planned for Telehealth Awareness Week and opportunities to participate, visit the official Telehealth Awareness Week website here: TelehealthAwareness.org.

Learn More about Compunetix Video Call Center

Compunetix Video Call Center is an advanced telehealth workflow solution that seamlessly connects patients and healthcare professionals, creating a new standard for secure patient engagement. With VCC, healthcare providers can embed and integrate video communications within their own website or healthcare portal to offer video appointments, patient triage, patient waiting rooms, and video call scheduling. Effortlessly expand access to healthcare when and where patients need it the most.

Video Call Center Solution Includes:

  • One-click WebRTC video access, embedded into the provider website or healthcare portal
  • Optional and customizable form for patient data collection before connecting with the provider
  • Customizable web interface for the healthcare provider for easy routing and escalation to remote specialists
  • Self-service kiosk interface access for real-time telehealth visits
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