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Telehealth Benefits


What VCC can do for you…

Video Call Center is the ideal solution for remote healthcare video encounters. Some features that VCC offers include:

  • Accessibility directly from the browser without the need to download an app or purchase additional hardware, which significantly lowers cost.
  • Easy-to-use web video interface for physicians and healthcare organizations with call transfer and routing capabilities, making it easy to speak to a physician or triage nurse who can then escalate the call to an appropriate specialist.
  • Connection reliability even in low bandwidth, allowing high-quality video conversations from very low bandwidth network (as low as 128 Kbps).
  • Data security and patient confidentiality with HIPAA compliance and encrypted media and data connectivity.
  • Customization of look and feel with a fully brandable and customizable end the user interface.
  • Geo-localization of remote patients for first responders, emergency services, and disaster response.
  • Sharing application and remote patient monitoring capabilities are available to share health data, x-rays, documents, etc.
  • Call center monitoring and statistics to make sure each patient is properly assessed and improve the center efficiency.


Video Call Center™ for Healthcare


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