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Telehealth Use Cases

Urgent Care and Telehealth Visits

Healthcare providers can enable on-demand visits for urgent care appointments. Unscheduled patients can engage with a clinical call center initiating a video call from the provider’s website. The clinical call center can then connect with and transfer patient to the necessary clinical provider to further assess patient.

1. Post-acute care and at home care – scheduled appointments and consultations

Healthcare providers can use Video Call Center not only for on-demand visits but for scheduled patient-provider telehealth appointments or provider-to-provider consultations. VCC has integrated and optional scheduling functionality for telemedicine appointments scheduled by the operator or agent.

Creating an appointment directly from the Video Call Center interface is fast, simple, and streamlined. Using the patient’s email, both patient and healthcare professional will receive an email notification or SMS message with the connection details to join the appointment at the appropriate time. At the time of the visit, the web link will be active for both patient and provider. VCC drastically improves outcomes in complex care by facilitating multidisciplinary clinician collaboration.

Video Call Center can be easily used for provider-to-provider consultations by either using the embedded scheduling functionality or immediately connecting with providers (either via a video WebRTC call or outbound phone connection).

Agent scheduling an appointment between doctor and patient

Doctor web calendar view in Video Call Center

2. Remote monitoring integration for high-acuity encounters

Compunetix Video Call Center can be seamlessly integrated within existing remote patient monitoring applications, to assess the needs of high-acuity situations.

During high-acuity encounters the doctor will need not only high-quality video communication but also additional features to assess and monitor the patient conditions, such as:

  • Access to remote monitoring devices, diagnostic tools, and launching external remote monitoring application from the Video Call Center provider interface.
  • Application and content sharing such as x-rays, documents, patient data, etc.
  • Connect and switch between multiple cameras for the best care possible.
  • Snapshot functionality in order to visually document physical exam findings.
  • Audio dial out functionality to engage patients and family for care decisions and options.

Compunetix Video Call Center can be configured to enable telehealth for high-acuity encounters, tailoring the experience for each specific clinical workflow.


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