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Video Call Center for Community Colleges

Video Communications for Enrollment, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Class Scheduling, and more!

With the evolution of video collaboration since the pandemic, community colleges and educational institutions are looking for a more streamlined approach to establishing virtual meetings between staff and students. Compunetix Video Call Center (VCC) is an advanced solution for student services that include enrollment, registration, academic advising, class scheduling, financial aid, administrative meetings, and much more.

Community colleges play a critical role in workforce development across the nation. They provide academic programs and skills training for students who want to transfer to four-year colleges and universities and those who want to transition directly into the workforce.

Distance learning makes education and job training more accessible for students. Now, with Video Call Center (VCC), students have the option of communicating with their advisors and administrators face-to-face from a convenient, remote location. From academic advising to financial aid, VCC is an intuitive video call center solution.

Effortlessly integrate VCC into your existing website portal and scheduling application for advanced workflow management.

For more information, schedule a VCC demo with one of our solution experts today!

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