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Telehealth Workflow

Workflow Example for Urgent Care

  1. The patient clicks on a customizable button on the hospital’s website to initiate a video call with the healthcare provider.
    • A video call to the clinical call center is initiated.
    • A video on-hold message can be played while the patient is waiting to be seen.
    • A message with the service hours can be placed.
    • A customizable registration form to collect patient’s data can be provided to the end user to fill out before getting in touch with the clinical representative.
    Need Assistance
    Example of Video Visit patient access. The fields can be customized.
  2. The clinical representative will answer the incoming video call. The list of incoming calls is automatically queued by the system.
  3. As soon as the hospital representative answers the incoming call, they can video connect with the patient while viewing the patient’s geolocation (configurable feature).
  4. Telehealth Geolocation
    Geo location of the patient from the VCC agent interface.
  5. The hospital representative or agent can see the availability status of the physician or specialist and can transfer the video call to the appropriate doctor or specialist.
  6. After the call is transferred, the doctor will receive the incoming call notification/ring and will accept or refuse the call.
  7. Patient and Doctor
    Example of Patient-Doctor interaction (the functionalities available can be customized)

    Patient Incoming Call
    Doctor view – Receiving a patient incoming call

  8. Additional parties can be easily added into the visit for a multiparty video session with the patient.
  9. At the end of the visit, the call can be terminated by either the patient or the doctor.
  10. The call information will be stored in the system reports and logs for processing by the hospital’s billing system.
  11. Multiparty Telehealth Call
    Multiparty Video Call – Representative/Operator View


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